We make the experience of mastering writing skills enjoyable.

Stylefit® takes pressure off teachers by challenging students to independently experiment with writing without fear of failing. It engages students by giving them immediate, valuable feedback. Teachers set the task and coach any students who need personalised assistance, leaving the rest in the class to get on with their writing projects. It is interactive and available online. It is ideal for setting homework because students have their own folders which teachers can access. In class, students automatically collaborate and when they want to concentrate, they instinctively become self-directed learners.

Why is learning to write well important?

Fact: Over 2.4 billion emails circle the globe every second. That’s a lot of writing. Writing clearly and succinctly is critical.

Disengagement of students in learning is one of the greatest worries teachers struggle with.

Stylefit® encourages students to experiment with writing styles – it does not do it for them! Stylefit® uses leading edge technology to give students immediate feedback on their writing. This leads to engagement.


We have seen amazing transformations in students who were previously disengaged with writing. See it for yourself here.

Our Research

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