Welcome to our 2022 Student Writing Competition Winners Series!

Over the next month or so, we will be updating our blog with our 2022 Student Writing Competition winners’ stories. These students did an incredible job crafting their pieces and using Stylefit to achieve their desired style of writing. Each writer had to stick to their category’s word limit and make sure their writing landed on the Stylefit grid to be accepted into the final judging phase. Our word limits were tight to challenge these young writers, and they met this challenge with great excitement and inspiration! Well done!

The first in our series to be celebrated is Chelsea Bell from Rawhiti School, who won First Place in the Year 4 writing category. Chelsea’s story ‘The Magical House’ is magical indeed, and highly deserved its first placing, awarded by author and judge Suraya Dewing. Chelsea received a full bag of stationery from PaperPlus as well as the beautiful novel ‘A Carpet of Dreams’ by Tessa Duder, illustrated by Mark Wilson, as her prize!

You can read ‘A Magical House’ and see Chelsea’s Stylefit result below!

A Magical House

One stormy, dark night an old man was walking through a forest and he came upon a black, dark magical house. He took a big breath and stepped into the house creaked, he walk some more and found a table with a glass of something on it. He drank it and he turned into a RAT. He found a note and it said the only way to turn back into a human is for a person to give you a magical potion. The old man exits the house into the forest and goes into the town for someone to give him that potion. He ran into the pipes underground with the other rats and alligators. The next morning he went to the overworld to the market to get some food. He was also hoping to turn back into a human. At the market, all of the people were trying to kill the poor old man that wanted some food. People were chasing him he ran to the rubbish bin hoping for some cheese to be there. There was none so he went to his apartment really hoping that his wife would know it was him. She was not home. He grabbed a pen, and a piece of paper and wrote. I through the forest and found a magical house, drank a potion and turned into a RAT. To fix it you have to give me only one potion. She got home and….. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA there’s a rat.

What is that note?