Stylefit’s very own founder and creator, as well as published author, Suraya Dewing, together with nutritionist and writer, Hemali Shah Ajmera, are presently collaborating on a novel titled ‘The Trader’. Back in August, their short story version of ‘The Trader’ won First Prize in a literary contest organised by First Forays Literary Agency and Bookaholics Book Club in India. What does the prize entail? Well, nothing short of a publishing deal for their novel!

Here is what the agency writes about ‘The Trader’ so far:

“Hemali Ajmera and Suraya Dewing’s tale is mystical, refined and rife with the ache of first love. The Trader makes for a captivating read with its narrative of epic scale and quiet hope. It had a sweeping consensus among the judges for its world and storytelling, giving it its rightful place as a first place winner.”

From the Stylefit team, congratulations to our talented CEO Suraya and The Story Mint writer, Hemali!