Happy Thursday!

Welcome to another of our competition blog series’ posts, where every Thursday we feature one or two of our winners from Stylefit’s 2021 Student Lockdown Writing Competition!

Annabel Bittencourt-Gualberto is a student at Campbell’s Bay Primary School and placed FIRST in the Year 4-6 category with her amazing story ‘Crazy House’. Annabel’s prize was the exciting trilogy called Viola Vincent Reporting, written by author Anna Kenna. Anna will actually be doing a talk at Campbells’ Bay Primary later this year as part of a larger prize for this school’s incredible overall achievement in our writing competition!

You can read ‘Crazy House’ and see Annabel’s Stylefit result below!

Crazy House

BANG! CRACKLE! BANG! CRACKLE! The sound of fire and guns echoed in the peaceful forest. “Everyone, evacuate! Evacuate!” The hummingbird chirped alarmingly. She and her friends tried saving the animals that couldn’t get out of the fire. A bear, India, saved a bunny from being trapped in a hole by pushing over a log. Mira, a cheetah, sprinted across the forest and saved a family of ducks at the creek. She carefully placed them on her back and bolted to safety. Leo, a monkey, climbed up a tree and saves two baby birds who couldn’t fly yet. He also helped their mother onto his back so that he could take them all together. An Elephant, Lila, was bellowing, “Everyone! Evacuate the forest! The fire is getting worse, I can smell it!” When all the animals in the forest were safe. They move to somewhere different and unusual. There were animals standing on two legs. There were unusual sounds and the fruit and trees were now limited. Instead, there were big tool rectangle things and squares on every one of them. The animals were scared but happy to be able to explore somewhere new!