Our 2022 Student Writing Competition Winners Series continued!

This week we celebrate Eloisa Jennings from Belfast School, who won Second Place in the Year 4 writing category. Eloisa’s amazing story ‘The Story of the Lost Kingdom’ was awarded second place by author and judge Suraya Dewing. Eloisa received a PaperPlus stationery package as her prize!

You can read ‘The Story of the Lost Kingdom’ and see Eloisa’s Stylefit result below!

The Story of the Lost Kingdom

All was calm in the Tihorea Village. The putiputi were blooming and everyone was happy. There was an adventurous girl named Rupi who was just getting up. She went to the door and discovered an envelope. Rupi excitedly opened the envelope and found a crumpled piece of paper. It said:

“Dear Rupi,

Come on an amazing adventure to find the Lost Kingdom!

From a Secret Agent.”

Rupi was intrigued.

Suddenly somebody knocked on her door. “My name is Kaihoko. I’m the Secret Agent who sent you the letter.” Rupi asked “Why are you here?” “Because we have to go on the mission right now!” replied Kaihoko urgently.

She packed her sparkly shimmering suitcase. Once Rupi finished, she nervously knocked on Kaihoko’s door. They went to the airport and got on an incredibly humongous plane. When they arrived they got into a red, shiny car and took off to the Lost Kingdom. . . but they couldn’t see anything.

Soon after, they found a scary tunnel that went through to a dark, shadowy place. Suddenly Rupi spotted a light. On the light

it said: “Look down and see what you can find.”

They looked at the ground. Rupi picked up a tile and looked at the back. It had an arrow pointing forward, so they carefully walked ahead.

Suddenly a light flickered. . . They couldn’t believe their eyes!

They found the Lost Kingdom! The Kingdom was blue, green, with lots of crystals and flowers, and it was magnificent.

Kaihoko and Rupi congratulated themselves.