Hi everyone!

Welcome to week 2 of our competition blog series, where every Thursday we feature one or two of our winners from Stylefit’s 2021 Student Lockdown Writing Competition!

Put your hands together for Kelly Nove, a student at Wentworth College, who placed THIRD in the Year 7-8 category with her creative short story ‘A Spooky Night’. Kelly won a book sponsored by the lovely Matakana Village Books! We hope she continues writing amazing stories and enters future competitions.

Thanks for trying out Stylefit, Kelly, we hope you enjoyed using our interactive writing tool while crafting your story.

You can read Kelly’s story and see her Stylefit result below!

A Spooky Night

It was a dark and stormy night. With each lightning strike, Rosy felt a little shiver run down her spine. Yes, she is not usually afraid of things, but her parents weren’t home which left only her and her sister Holly at home.

By the time it got darker the house also started to get haunted. Rosy wanted to get out of bed many times to find her sister. That is till she heard a whisper. “Holly, you there?” Holly didn’t answer. Rosy had repeated it ten times but there was no answer. By this time Rosy was as curious as a mouse. A million questions burst up in her head. Is she asleep? No, she can’t be. She is usually awake at this time. I have to get up. Rosy thought to herself.

She got up and strolled quickly down the corridor to Holly’s bedroom. She checked her bed but there was no Holly. Where could she possibly be? I definitely heard a whisper Rosy thought to herself. Suddenly, there was a shadow that flew by as quick as the speed of light. Rosy turned around only to find a door, a closet door? What could possibly be inside? Now Rosy was more afraid than ever. Her face turned pale and she felt butterflies in her stomach. How could this day get even worse?

Rosy was desperate to find her sister. Let’s get this over with, she with she said in her head. As she opened the door she closed her eyes expecting a vampire or a ghost behind the door. But to her surprise, there was a voice that went “ Happy Halloween!” She opened her eyes, and yes, of course, it was her sister the whole entire time!