Hi everyone!

Over the next eight weeks, we will be uploading a new blog post every Thursday. This will feature one or two of our winners from the 2021 Student Lockdown Writing Competition!

So, put your hands together for our first feature of the series: Kiara Moors! Kiara is a student at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School and placed FIRST in the Year 9-10 category with her creative short story ‘Oblivious’. Kiara won an Android Tablet for her achievements and we hope she continues writing amazing stories in the future!

You can read Kiara’s story below! Check out where it landed on the Stylefit grid – incredible! Well done Kiara, and thanks for letting us share your brilliant story!


“Hey… HEY!…… HELP! STOP! SOMEONE!… AAAAAA-“”Wait, why am I screaming again?”
My head is full of confusion and I slap myself back to reality. Where the hell am I? What is this place? When I ask myself that last question I realise my eyes are shut. I try to open them; a severe pain jolts throughout my body. I don’t scream though, for the fear of something coming if I do. Wait… what do I mean by something? I don’t remember…… I don- ugh! my minds a mess, I can’t open my eyes, I’m surrounded by my own darkness though I can see a cold white light beyond my eyelids. Well….. what now? worst-case scenario I’m- well? what would be the worst-case scenario? The feeling to escape surges over my body. I cautiously stand up & use my foot as a guide to walk around… “HEY!” a loud voice shouts behind me. The cautiousness in my body is drained & I begin to run. I don’t know where I’m going & the fear of hitting a wall has escaped because of a new fear of getting caught. There’s a sudden wind. It’s starting to pick up. Am I outside? I take a few more steps then there’s no ground… I’m falling… is this the end?

SPLASH! I’m in the water… I’m in the ocean! But wait… I can’t feel it. The ocean would feel cold & the coldness is supposed to take over my body. Am I numb? I look below & the ocean below my feet is an endless daunting blackness. I scream at the top of my lungs yet I don’t hear it. I look around me frantically as I feel a cramp starting to pierce my left calf. There’s a boat! Thank God there’s a boat. I doggy paddle over even though I can not feel the water being pushed through my cupped hands. When I get onto the boat, I lay there for a few seconds when the clouds start to shift. The once empty sky starts flooding with dark clouds. Then the clouds start coming at me.

I lean back but instead of the wooden boards of the boat, I feel rocks at the back of my head. The dark clouds have become an empty grey sky. I slowly push myself up.
“What the hell!? All of a sudden I’m lying on train tracks? Am I going crazy! Before I can grasp the situation a train starts coming straight at me. I try to jump out to the side but an invisible barrier stops me, I try the other side of the train tracks but the same thing occurs. I shoulder charge at it multiple times, desperately trying to get out of this trains way. Panic floods my body, the train is only a few meters away. I have no choice now but to break into a sprint & try my luck of outrunning a train. Why do I think I can outrun a train? A few minutes ago I was blind, just a few seconds ago I was deaf now I’m about to be roadkill. What the heck! What is happening! This is absurd how is this even happening?! Suddenly there’s something grabbing my legs bringing me to a complete halt as I being to fall something grabs my arms, but nothing is there! What is happening! This is too vivid to be a dream but the events that have occurred are too absurd to be real. Then I turn around. THE TRAIN!

I feel a pinch between both my eyes and I feel something cold being removed from them. The train has gone & I’m staring at small black googles. My body is restrained by men in lab coats. The man removing the goggles shouts “test subject 969… results… failed.” He then looks at me, his face creating a disturbingly scary smirk. “Did you enjoy the simulation?”