A huge thank you to everyone who participated, either as an individual student, a class or a whole school, in Stylefit’s Student Writing Competition this year. We had over 3000 entries, with all students doing an absolutely incredible job!

We want to thank participating schools for trialling Stylefit and know from the ton of feedback we received that students loved getting instant guidance on their writing and playing around with the software! We’ve also heard that this competition has encouraged previously not-so-keen writers to enjoy the subject, and hope they continue to write!

An enormous thank you is very much due to our incredible judges: Suraya Dewing, Anna Kenna, Tessa Duder, Robyn Pearce and Jo Emeney. Another to all the wonderful organisations that partnered with us to sponsor this year’s prizes! Thank you, Noel Leeming, PaperPlus, Matakana Village Books, ByteEd, NZ Geographic, MOTAT and Gold Media. Your support means a lot!

And now, for the winners!

Year 4 Category
1st Place – Chelsea Bell
2nd Place – Eloisa Jennings
3rd Place – Zoey Boswell
4th Place – Jack Hore
5th Place – Evie Wei
6th Place – Charlie Dempster-Rivett

Year 5-6 Category
1st Place – Linnea Jean Bender
2nd Place – Zoe Webster
3rd Place – Rogue Timu
4th Place – Leon Qui
5th Place – Megan McFlynn
6th Place – Gussy Sorensen-Brown

Year 7-8 Category
1st Place – Arabella Ellis
2nd Place – Maddi Edwards
3rd Place – Safiya Ibrahim
4th Place – Madeleine Wilson
5th Place – Lizzy Peake
6th Place Tie – Riley Elliott
6th Place Tie – Jack Kennett

Year 9-10 Category
1st Place – Corlene Van der Spuy
2nd Place – Ava Bowmaker
3rd Place – Leela Paras
4th Place – Charmaine Gray
5th Place – Sophie Blacklock
6th Place – Cate Young

Year 11-13 Category
Winner – Maggie Bonis

Congratulations, everyone! And if you didn’t make it into the prize-getting places, don’t worry! We will be back with our yearly writing competition in 2023!